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The CISL trade dispute office carries out a service addressed to who is involved, despite himself/herself, in unexpected and sudden situations inherent in working relationship.

The main activity carried out, concerns the workers’ need to retrieve their own salaries or severance pay from the firm become insolvent; indeed 40% of the office’s activity is carried out in this area.

A second problem, which the office could help you in, concerns the dismissals. The working place loss is not less dramatic than the non salaries payment. The office aids the workers and checks in detail the legal and contractual correctness of the dismissals and, in case, offers its own workers’ qualified assistance to help the worker to reestablish the working relationship or to get the compensation in conformity with the law.

The bankruptcy of the firms is another area of intervention, where we offer assistance to the workers, whose firm is subjected to an examination path; in this case our office could stand in for the worker in every duties of the bankruptcy, be a support for the court paperwork to actuate towards the indemnity fund of INPS (Italian state body which coordinates national insurance funds). Furthermore, in alliance with the federation of category, it helps the workers to deal with the issues about redundancy payment, job mobility, unemployment, recovery of not paid contributions.

Other services are available at our offices: pay-packets and severance pays controls, assistance in case of disciplinary actions, informations about your own working relationship, working mothers’ rights protection, regularization of under the table job (job for which no earning are declared) and every issues about the working relationship. Who can help you better than the trade union?

The trade dispute office offers you assistance in case of accident at work: if the workers should remain victim of an accident at work, could contact the CISL offices to check the after-effects and the grade of disablement recognized by the INAIL (National institute for the insurance against on-the-job injuries). Furthermore the office can evaluate if there are the conditions to retrieve the economic differential from biological damage from the firm’s insurance. We suggest to the workers to inquire at trade union offices about the working place keeping and possible statements to issue to the inspection and vigilance bodies.

If you are working for a work cooperative (a company that moves you from a firm to another to work), we could check if you are a victim of a law violation about the distribution of labour, verifying, in this case too, the correctness of the salary and the working relationship. We will be a great help to you and an effective instrument to defend your rights.

Looking at the list below of our activities, you will find the material, that you have to bring with yourself, if you want to come to our offices.

Retrieve credits

Not paid pay-packets, calendar of not paid worked hours, all the previous pay-packets.

Dismissals contest
(within 60 days from the dismissal communication)

Dismissal letter, contract of application, the last pay-packet.

Assistance in disciplinary actions
(within 5 days from the communication, to present justifications)

Letter of dispute, other possible previous letters and/or admonition.

Pay-packets and severance pay check

Contract of application, every pay-packet concerning the interested working period sorted by year.

Examination path and bankruptcy

See “Retrieve credits”, dismissal or resignation letter.

To emerge from under the table job

Calendar of worked hours, documentation of possible payments, employer data.

Biologic damage caused by accident at wok

Medical records, documentation INAIL (National institute for the insurance against on-the-job injuries).

Law violation about distribution of labour

Pay-packets, contracts of application, calendar and indication about the working places.

Particular intervention

In the particular case of bankruptcy of the firm you are working for, the CISL trade dispute office of Brescia offers you: assistance in the insinuation before the competent court, prearranged forms for the retrieve of severance pay at the INPS, assistance in the activation of the safety values (CIGS and job mobility), informations about the paperwork for maternity, unemployment, retrieve of family allowance (in alliance with INAS CISL).